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The Hidden Dreams Tarot

Most tarot decks dig deep into a single lore. The Hidden Dreams Tarot synthesizes them all.

The Inspiration Behind Hidden Dreams Tarot

Hidden Dreams Tarot Deck

The Hidden Dreams Tarot was designed with the intention of having the imagery speak the symbolism and meaning in a more obvious, modern way. In the process, I discovered a lot of clear associations with things outside of Tarot. Egyptian, Hebrew, Celtic, Nordic, and Greek mythology all began to factor in, along with numerology, astrology, and colours. Over the course of a year, I took notes on all of these associations, and clarified their mappings.

The Kickstarter project got off to a luke-warm start, so I'll be selling print-to-order copies of both the deck and the book. Original drawings and prints are also available. Contact me for more information.

Order your own copy of the Hidden Dreams Tarot Deck. Discover the modern sybolic representations of many different cultures, all of which tell the story of the Tarot - the Fool's Journey, or the Hero's Journey.

Wherever you are in your own journey, the Hidden Dreams Tarot can offer insight into your circumstances, and advice on how to proceed. If you are new to tarot, this deck is a great way to learn, because the imagery is modern and memorable.

Hidden Dreams Tarot Deck Card Spread
Hidden Dreams Tarot Guidebook

The Hidden Dreams Tarot Guidebook is available in softcover, hardcover, and pdf format.

Along with descriptions of the cards and their meanings, the guidebook contains quick references to crystals, astrology, entheogens, runes, and more, beautifully illustrated. This book can give you a quick look into different belief systems and how they associate with the tarot.

Check out a Preview now and order your copy today.

The CutiePie Tarot

Designed with inclusivity children in mind.

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Cutie Pie Tarot

The Cutie Pie Tarot was a fun little extra I put together.

The idea was to distill the main meaning or message of each card into a basic interpretation, and have it personified by a cute human character. Because the deck is made up of humans, I wanted the characters to represent a really diverse collection of people - age, race, ability, gender, gender expression. I hope that everyone can see themselves in this deck.

This is a family friendly tarot deck, which can be used to start children on the road to understanding what Tarot is all about. It comes in a sturdy rigid box, with the cards sized more like standard playing cards so they're easier to handle, particularly for little hands.

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