Maryanne Peters a.k.a. Macpeters


  • Fullstack web development: Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, knockout.js, Redis, Node, Angular.js
  • Git, Bash, SSH, Command Line tools, AWS
  • Agile Development, Creative Problem Solving, Organizational Effectiveness, Team Work
  • Able to do Fast prototyping, and work with legacy code
  • Motivated to learn and code constantly
  • Up to date on changes to web standards
Work Experience
  • Full Stack Developer Info-tech Research Group - October 2015 - Present
    • Maintaining legacy systems: updating code to follow best practices, adding features, fixing bugs
    • IT innovation and product development: building new projects and components to interact with existing systems.
    • Data Collection and Visualization: creating custom surveys to collect client data, maintaining data integrity, and producing web and pdf reports to visualize the data clearly.
    • Agile Development: working in a quickly changing environment, pivoting when required.

  • Front End Developer Lazar Entertainment - April 2013 - October 2015
    • Live Streaming: multistream, realtime, interactive video compiled for an audience (using flash), with an in depth dashboard
    • Fullstack Development: HTML5, AngularJs, Rails, REDIS data storage, Faye eventserver, Wowza videoserver
    • Documenting company code standards, practices
    • Unit tests with Rspec, Jasmine/Karma
    • Compiling embeddable interactive Geo-Data Maps using Mapbox, Tilemill, OpenJump, and Leaflet.js api

  • Game Developer Independant - April 2013 - Present
    • Developing cross-platform games using GameMaker Studio, Unity3D, AS3
    • Working with various teams, participating in game jams
    • Freelance Web/App development

  • Quality Assurance Little Guy Games - November 2012 - January 2013
    • Designed a comprehensive test plan
    • Tested games in various states of completion for bugs, inconsistencies, and imbalances
    • Logged bugs via Bugzilla
    • Kept a crash log which included breakpoints and error codes from XCode

triOS, Video Game Design and Development Diploma Program, Toronto
  • Awarded Highest Acedemic Achievement, Perfect Attendance
  • Courses Included:
    • Video Game Analysis and Technical Design, Business, Math, and Physics
    • Game Prototyping with AS3, HTML5, XNA, Unity3D, C++/DirectX
    • Level Design, Game Audio, Modelling With Maya

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