Macpeters: Web Development

builder of websites, surveys, data visualizations

I work as a Professional Web Developerat Infotech Research Group, building surveys, reports, and data visualization dashboards for IT Research. I work in a number of different systems, some legacy, and many of them interact. I love collaborating, and working on a dev team is great for that. We have recently chosen Vue.js as a framework since our content is becoming more dynamic.

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My own site is a multipage vue app, served on Netlify, using npm and nuxt. I've rebuilt it more times than I can count, trying out new technology, looking for a UX that is compelling, and intuitive.

Open Source Projects

  • Used for testing out ideas, trying new technologies
  • All my codes that don't belong to a company
  • A pet project I created to keep track of my cactus collection

Community Involvement