A Look Back - 2018

It's December 31, 2018, and it seems like a great time to take a look back at the past year, and see what I've been up to, maybe think about what I'd like to do or experience in the coming year. Take a look at my Instagram for more pics: https://www.instagram.com/macpetersart/

New Ventures

  • Digital Paintings

    I've broken free of the physical world and taken my drawings into pixel land - it took a bit of getting used to, but I've really begun to enjoy digital drawing/painting - for the colours, the cleanliness, and the ability to use layers and opacity. Almost all my drawings this year have been digital - from quick sketches to full fledged paintings.
  • Cartoons

    It is said that 80% of the learning you do in a drawing happens in the first 20% of that drawing, and that to draw better, you should spend more time drawing quick sketches, rather than focussing the majority of your time on details. To that end, I have been trying to focus my learning energy on quick sketches - cartoons, really. My attention has been on colour, tone, composition, and form - all the fundamentals. I really think it's been working for me, so I have every intention of continuing to do this.
  • Animation

    As part of my work in cartoons and quick sketches, I've been trying my hand at a little bit of animation. I haven't taken any classes, and I really have no idea what I'm doing, but it's still pretty fun. Watch a quick video on Youtube Even if I never become a great animator, the very act of trying to animate is giving me a fresh perspective on movement, which can hopefully make all my future art more dynamic and alive.
  • Live painting - Art for Heart

    I have done a bit of live painting, on the street or in a part, but this was the first time I painted in front of an audience. It was both thrilling and nerve wracking. We all had a limited amount of time to paint whatever we wanted. I found the biggest challenge was the fact that I usually add layers on top of dry paint, but there wasn't enough time to let the paint dry.
  • Visionary Art Intensive

    I took this workshop at COSM - led by Alex Grey and Allyson Grey. They are strong leaders in the Visionary Art community, having met them, it's easy to see why. They work tirelessy, and their vision is inspirational - which is why COSM has become a sort of Mecca for visionary artists around the world. Every year I've taken a workshop there, I've painted with some of the most amazing people I've ever met. With Alex and Allyson at the helm, and giving personal feedback - there's really nothing I've come across that can compare with that kind of experience.
Twisted Horns Cat by Macpeters
One of 31 cats drawn during the month of October - each one fitting a #drawtober prompt.


  • Hidden Dreams Tarot

    I started my own interpretation of the major arcana tarot deck years ago, when self-publishing was less of an option. This year I finally took this project over the finish line.
  • Cutie Pie Tarot

    In the midst of finishing up the Hidden Dreams Tarot, and practicing cartoons, I thought it might be a fun little extra to whip up a cartoon version of the deck - something cute, kid friendly, inclusive, and accessible.
Eye painted by Macpeters at Art For Heart
Eye was painted live before an audience at Art for Heart, and auctioned off to help fund an Art Therapy Centre


  • Baphoment
  • Self Portrait
  • Be the Eye of the Storm
  • Caught in the Music
  • Eye (at Art for Heart)
  • Golden Rabbit (skateboard deck)
  • Hockey Bees (mural)
  • Cosmic Kitten