A Look Back - 2016

It's December 31, 2016, and changes are afoot. It's time to take stock and see what I've been up to. Follow me on Instagram for more pics: https://www.instagram.com/macpetersart/

New Ventures

  • Skateboard Art

    This started when I signed up for the Skate Art workshop at COSM - I went hunting around for used skateboard decks I could paint, and wound up with a whole handful from So Hip It Hurts on Queen Street. They are an odd shape, which makes them interesting to paint. They are small, and solid wood, so I can just chill out on my couch or in a park while painting.
  • Spraypaint/Aerosol

    For practice, I spent some time spray painting scrap wood outside - I'd leave it, hoping to find the same wood there next time, so I could practice some more, but people kept stealing it. I ran out of wood, eventually, but there's always more construction going on, so who knows?
  • Airbrush

    I had been wanting to try out airbrush for a long time. It's expensive to get into - between the airbrush itself, a compressor, any cleaners and special paints you need. Since I had been working a while as a software dev, I found I could actually afford to try it out. There's definitely a learning curve, but so many possibilities.
  • Visionary Skate art and Grafitti Workshop

    I took this workshop at COSM - led by Chris Dyer. This was my first trip to COSM - it's a beautiful place to paint, and the artists taking the workshop with me were super skilled and friendly. I really loved the small size of the class, because it gave me a better chance to connect with people, and I got a lot of worthwhile feedback from Chris.
Neon Jungle by Macpeters


  • Neon Jungle

    I've been painting on raw unstretched canvas for years - creating festival art. This year I wanted to end that, but with a bang. I had a piece of canvas that was 9X12 feet - and it was going to be a single painting. Since I couldn't hang it all at once, I had to paint it in pieces, with the part I wasn't working on folded up. It was quite a task. I think if I'm going to do anything large scale in the future, it's going to be on a wall, with a ladder.
  • Public Art

    This year I tried to get involved in public art - I did a couple of murals in the Alleyway of Dreams (near Main and Danforth), and I participated in a group Mosaic project around Coxwell and Danforth.


Skateboard Decks

  • Mushroom Eye
  • Psychedelic Bee
  • Broken Robot
  • Jerry Bear