Macpeters: Cartoons and Comics

Creativity and Drawing Fundamentals

I've started drawing a lot of cartoons - quick sketches are awesome practice, and I think there's a lot of value in exploring the absurdities of the animated world. Realism is overshadowed by expression, which helps push the boundaries of creativity. Boiling an idea down to its simplist expression is deceptively difficult - there are fewer lines, but those lines have to be on point. So cartooning gives me a lighter, more humourous medium within which I can work on fundamental drawing skills while breaking down creative barriers.

Sneaking Up

I take part in a lot of drawing challenges in order to keep practicing, and draw things I normally wouldn't think to. One of my favourite challenges was a mixture of #catober and #drawtober in 2018. 31 prompts in the #drawtober list I applied to cats in some way. I enjoyed that so much, I decided to keep adding to my collection of cats, using different themes. The second theme I chose was easter.

Part of my inspiration for this came from a little game I've been playing called Mousehunt by Hitgrab. It's a collection based passive game with a large variety of areas, themes, and mini games, and there is a distinct collection of mice to go with each. The sheer variety of mice is incredible - from adorable and beautiful to hideous or ridiculous. So I will strive to create a diverse collection of cats, one new theme at a time. Check out my Mythical Cattoons

Halloween Cattoons
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